28 Apr Stories from the Flint – Last Workshop

New for 2016 – two writing workshops based on the Flint Rocks exhibition at the Ancient House Museum, Thetford.

Sandlines, my creative writing project for the Brecks, has launched two new summer writing workshops. These two workshops explore the history and culture of the Brecks flints. In June we looked back into the deep past and thought about how our ancestors mined and used flint. In July we explored the lives of people who worked with flint in more recent centuries.

Flint is the bones of the Brecks – it underlies the landscape in seams in the chalk and it is found scattered across the sandy soils. Because of its properties, hard wearing but liable to fracture, it has been used for prehistoric hand tools, building materials and gunflints.

We’re delighted to be able to use the Flint Rocks exhibition in the Ancient House Museum and to continue our collaboration with Breaking New Ground. The stories found in the flint are a rich source of inspiration. We are delighted that both workshops encouraged some new writing and that poets tried prose and vice versa.

Suitable for beginners and experienced writers.


Breaking New Ground, who awarded Sandlines a grant to run workshops last year, said: “We’re delighted that the Sandlines project has continued on beyond the life of the Breaking New Ground events, and that a lovely community of Brecks poets has formed around it”.