What I provide

My work focuses on landscape and nature and our creative and cultural responses to it. I believe that creativity is nurtured by spending time outside, in observation and enjoyment of the natural world. My writing stems from things I see while walking through the landscape, from research, and from interviews with people. This is carried through in the workshops I lead and in research projects that I undertake.

The News & Journal page is where you will find my current observations and thoughts on the landscape and our interaction with it.

I enjoy taking the photographs that support the writing on my website and all photos, whether featured images or headers, are taken by me in the local landscape and remain copyrighted to me. The only exceptions are the close-up species photos such as Tree Sparrow and Pippistrelle bat.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.

Writing & Editorial


Arboreal Archway

Photograph: Melinda Appleby